HVAC Maintenance

hvac maintenanceAs you know, heating and cooling systems seem to break down at the most inconvenient times. Kel-Aire offers preventative HVAC maintenance services catered to your home or business’s needs.

Well-maintained HVAC systems are crucial for any home or business. Imagine your company’s air conditioning system breaking in the middle of summer—clients would scatter, productivity would go down, employees may even need to go home. If your heating system suddenly stopped working on a cold winter night, temporarily using fan heaters will drive your PG&E bills through the roof.

While we do provide emergency services to fix these problems, our customers also rely on our HVAC maintenance services to keep their HVAC systems up to date. Don’t wait until you have to repair your system on an emergency basis. Sign up for our preventative HVAC maintenance services now to get all the protection you need for peace of mind.